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Executive Coaching

Enhancing leadership effectiveness through executive coaching

Introduction to Executive Coaching

Nourse Leadership offers customized executive coaching services designed to enhance the growth and performance of your organizations leaders. Our clients discover untapped wisdom, gain greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, improve their impact on others, and enhance their overall performance .We believe that executive coaching is a powerful way to enhance the performance and growth of organizational leaders. 

We distinguish our executive coaching services in several ways:
  • Customizing our coaching services to adapt to the needs of the client and the client's organization.
  • Linking executive coaching efforts with other organizational development programs.
  • Employing research-based methods and tools that help translate coaching into bottom-line organizational impact.
  • Tapping the capabilities of certified coaches who have experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations.
We use a comprehensive 5-step approach in our coaching engagements. Each of these steps are customized based on the unique needs of our clients.
  • Design the Partnership - We meet initially with the client, their manager, and the HR Business Partner to clarify success outcomes and design the partnership. By creating this alignment, it sets the foundation for a successful coaching engagement by reinforcing accountability for outcomes with the client.

  • Assess Capabilities - We conduct assessment activities, including 360-degree feedback from critical organizational stakeholders about a leader's strengths and weaknesses.This assessment leads to important insights for our clients, motivating them to take action.

  • Planning for Development or Transition - We partner with our client to create a development or transition action plan. The plan creates a useful roadmap for the engagement to achieve the goals identified by the client. 

  • Implement the Plan - In our coaching sessions we focus on implementing the plan. Typically, we provide six-months of coaching support for the client, with two sessions monthly. These sessions can be either in-person or virtually. Our coaches always end each session by inviting the client to identify concrete actions they will take before the next meeting.

  • Conclude the Engagement - We conclude an engagement by engaging the client, their manager, and other stakeholders to explore progress and next steps in their development or transition. This final meeting provides a great opportunity to celebrate the gains our clients always achieve.

  • Executive Development Coaching

    Executive Development Coaching involves a partnership with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to develop their professional potential. As a coach, we provide our clients with regularly-scheduled opportunities to reflect, gain insight, receive feedback, and develop new skills. As a result, our clients become more focused, strategic, resilient, and motivated to achieve organizational results.
    While the actual focus of the executive development coaching engagement will vary based on the unique needs of the client, we often address the following leadership challenges:
    • Becoming more strategic and less tactical
    • Building a collaborative team
    • Delivering critical feedback to a subordinate
    • Developing enhanced influence skills and presence
    • Improving leadership effectiveness through time management
    • Leading a change effort
    • Recovering from a setback or failure
    Click here for a case study illustrating how we coached a micromanaging chief operating officer.

    Executive Transition Coaching

    Transition coaching helps new leaders successfully and quickly integrate into a new role and culture. As a result, they can produce results sooner, reduce resistance to their priorities, and more successfully drive change. Our experience has shown that organizations could substantially reduce the cost of executive turnover if they establish an effective onboarding process for new leaders to help new leaders successful integrate into their roles. 

    Research suggests that the three essential ingredients required to help new leaders successfully transition into their roles include a well-written transition plan, internal mentors, and an external executive coach.

    Click here to learn more about our executive transition coaching process.
    While the actual focus of the engagement will vary based on the unique needs of the client, we often address the following leadership challenges in our transition coaching conversations:
    • Accelerating learning
    • Building alignment with the boss
    • Determining key priorities and success outcomes for 30, 60, 90, and120 days
    • Improving leadership effectiveness through time management
    • Leading a change effort
    • Navigating setbacks
    • Time management
    Click here for a case study illustrating how we coached a newly promoted leader.

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