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Executive Team Coaching

Enhancing leadership team performance through team coaching

Introduction to Executive Team Coaching

Nourse Leadership offers customized executive team coaching services designed to enhance the growth and performance of your leadership teams. In our work with leadership teams, we help leaders make transformative shifts in their ability to build alignment, clarify their priorities, enhance their skills in resolving conflict, successfully navigate setbacks, and sustain trusting relationships with each other. Further, our work as team coaches empowers leadership teams to increase their capacity to sustain improvements long after we have concluded our team engagements.

Senior leadership teams face monumental challenges including widely dispersed expectations of various stakeholders, respond to pressing challenges today and help the organization proactively anticipate the challenges of tomorrow, and the need systemic issues and challenges that transcend individual leaders' silos.  As a result, leadership teams must make strategic investments in their capacity to collaborate, make decisions, and maintain alignment on key organizational priorities.

We distinguish our executive team coaching services in several ways:
  • Partnering with our leadership team client sponsor to help build their team leadership capabilities
  • Linking team coaching efforts with key organizational performance metrics such as employee engagement or productivity.
  • Tapping research-based methods and tools that help translate coaching into bottom-line organizational impact.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of certified coaches who have extensive team coaching and industry experience.

Our Approach

We use our unique 5-step approach in our coaching engagements. Each of these steps are customized based on the unique needs of our clients.
  • Design the Partnership - We meet initially with the team leader client to better understand team challenges, clarify success outcomes and determine how we will work together. 
  • Assess Capabilities - We then conduct initial assessment activities, including electronic surveys and interviews to determine team strengths and opportunities for development. Once we collect this information, we brief the team leader on the results and clarify next steps.
  • Planning for Development - We engage the entire team to explore the assessment results, formulate a team vision, and clarify aspects of the team that need to be improved.
  • Implement the Plan - In subsequent team coaching sessions, we focus on implementing the team development plan. Typically, we provide six-months of coaching support for the client, with two sessions monthly. These sessions can be either in-person or virtually. Our coaches always end each session by inviting the client to identify concrete actions they will take before the next meeting.
  • Conclude the Engagement - We conclude a team coaching engagement by reassessing the team to explore progress and next steps in their development. This final meeting provides a great opportunity to celebrate the gains our clients often achieve.

Typical Team Challenges

While the actual focus of the executive team coaching engagement will vary based on the unique needs of the client, we often address the following team challenges:

  • Building alignment on goals and priorities
  • Bouncing back from setbacks and disappointments
  • Enhancing accountability among team members
  • Establishing accountability among team members
  • Improving the effectiveness of team meetings
  • Surfacing and navigating conflict

  • Click here for a case study illustrating how we worked with a senior leadership team to improve its effectiveness.

    Current & Former Clients

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