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Team Building

Team building, team coaching, and retreat facilitation.

Team Development

Nourse Leadership offers your organization team development services that can help your leadership teams reach new performance levels and build greater alignment, collaboration, and results. Our approach to supporting the development and performance of leadership teams is based on cutting edge research on the key components and attributes of highly effective teams. Our team development consultants bring extensive experience working successfully with complex and demanding teams. Also, we work with our client's team to develop operating rules, clarify roles and responsibilities, and well-organized individual and team goals. Our main priority is to increase our client’s team effectiveness to achieve more significant results.

Nourse Leadership offers three team development services: team building, team coaching, and retreat facilitation. Each of these services is programmed to take your leadership team to the next level of performance and attain excellent results.

Team Building

Nowadays, organizational structures are very complex and interdependent more than ever; thus, ensuring partnership and team building is necessary for the organization and critical to organizational success. This makes many organizations embrace teams building into their culture as a means of improving innovation and collaboration. However, a substantial percentage of teams will never fulfill their potential because of dysfunctional patterns and dynamics. Team building is an excellent strategic plan for surfacing the self-defeating patterns to improve and sustain organization teams' productivity.

How We Help Our Clients

Nourse Leadership provides team-building services that help raise the bar for team level of performance and accountability. Our first crucial step in achieving a great result is a partnership with the team leader to pinpoint a team's strengths and weaknesses by collecting data from team members and using team assessment tools. The Insights from this assessment effort enable us to design a program to focus on improving overall operations. We will then take another step by facilitating the team building session, leveraging our experienced team consultants' talents. After the team building session, we evaluate the program's impact and engage the team leader to explore insights gained and the team development efforts' next steps.

With our numerous experiences working with senior leadership teams, we have discovered several distinct team aspects that need focus on:
Designing clear decision-making processes
Developing norms and strategies to battle team conflict
Building goal clarity and accountability
Increasing trust and transparency, enabling team members to speak openly and honestly
Strengthening the team leader adapt his or her style to allow team members to take greater ownership of team outcomes

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Team Coaching

Team coaching is a strategic plan for helping teams evolve and improve over time, especially those with challenging issues or dynamics. Our team coaching services are meant to support your high performing leaders' development to work collectively as a high performing team. A teambuilding session is often enough to improve the performance level of many teams. However, for those teams with substantial challenges, a long-term solution is crucial to eliminate entrenched patterns that block a team from producing outstanding results.

How We Help Our Clients

Nourse Leadership offers team coaching services that will contribute to the team performance level and increase team members' capacity to self-manage and maintain their dynamics. Team coaching is a strategy for improving how a team functions by creating the necessary awareness and skills among members. Unlike team building sessions, typical team coaching engagements last 3-6 months, base on the nature of your team's challenges. Most team coaching engagements include one or two coaching sessions per month.

During a team coaching session, your team coach will observe the interactions between participants and periodically intervene to surface issues or raise awareness of a pattern that might be limiting the team's effectiveness. In many ways, team coaching is similar to executive coaching – achieving improved results by helping a team build awareness of mindsets and behavior that may impede it. Team coaching emphasizes building skills among your team members to manage your team dynamics and ensure you achieve your team goals.

Retreat Facilitation

When it comes to high-impact retreat design and facilitation, Nourse Leadership is at its best. Leadership retreats have traditionally provided a valuable chance to build relationships and trust, share insights, advance organizational changed priorities, and reinforce corporate culture. When conducted at the end of a fiscal or calendar year, they provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on achievements and lessons learned and set clear intentions for a new year. With the magnitude of changes many leaders currently face in the new normal triggered by COVID, there has never been a more critical time to bring leaders together to align on a vision for the future and share insights from the past six months.

How We Help Our Clients

Nourse Leadership offers retreat design and facilitation services to enhance the performance and alignment of leadership teams. Our first step to help our client is an engagement by engaging the team leader to understand better his or her leadership approach, the history of the team, its strengths and weaknesses, critical goals, and desired retreat outcomes. Then, we will gather input from the team, including their desired outcomes for the retreat. The information we collected helps us create a retreat agenda that will generate the team leader and participants' results. Because of the COVID pandemic's challenges, we can facilitate retreats in-person or via Zoom technology. Following a retreat, we will meet with the team leader to explore outcomes, lessons learned, and next steps.

Recent Engagements

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Designed and facilitated an off-site retreat for 30 members of the board of directors.
Financial Services: Designed and facilitated a one-day retreat for the executive team including assessment, action planning and follow-up coaching with the CEO.
Medical Center: Coached the executive team of a large medical center to improve team effectiveness; client achieved greater levels of alignment and collaboration; resulted in a dramatic increase in alignment, shared accountability, and trust.
Medical Center: Facilitated a retreat for the senior human resources team to build greater alignment and capacity to navigate conflict; conducted follow-up coaching sessions to help the client implement action items identified during the retreat.
Port Authority: Designed and facilitated a three-day off-site retreat for the CEO and her direct reports to build greater alignment and trust, as well as clarity about key priorities; resulted in clarity about key annual priorities as well as alignment toward shared goals and ground rules for team functioning.

Current & Former Client Organizations

American Association of Port Authorities
American Society for Engineering Education
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
Capital Impact Partners
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Federal Financial Regulatory Agency
National Cooperative Bank
Port of Los Angeles
US Food & Drug Administration
Sometimes, I feel like we have made significant progress - as a team that has only been together for six months, we have had authentic conversations and been vulnerable with one another.

-- Team Coaching Participant
We have made progress and learned a lot about each other and our different ways of seeing issues. We have learned to communicate with less chance of triggering an emotional response. We are going through some dramatic changes and have a better foundation to deal with future events as they unfold.

-- Team Coaching Participant
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