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Volunteer Leadership Development

Leadership development programs for association volunteers 
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Volunteer Leadership Development

Our experience has been that forward-thinking associations recognize that their organizations' future rests on members' availability to step into volunteer leadership roles. Among all the various training programs, relatively few are based on volunteer leaders' unique needs and difficulties in the professional association context.

How We Help Our Client

Nourse Leadership offers a powerful volunteer leadership development program that helps fill your leadership pipeline with any volunteers that are ready, willing, and able to step up. This allows associations to thrive by providing high-impact career development support to attract, retain, and engage members.

Because of the experience of the unique challenges by volunteer leaders, the heart of a well-designed volunteer leadership development program is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the knowledge, ability, or skill to identify, assess, and maintain the emotions of oneself, of others, and groups. Participants complete an emotional intelligence self-assessment and use this information gathered to develop an expert development plan. Below are some of our webinar topics presented to our clients in the past:
Coaching and mentoring
Adaptive leadership styles
Conflict management
High-performance teams
Leading with vision and purpose
Managing time and priorities
Strategic thinking
Virtual meeting management
Click here to watch a sample webinar on virtual meeting management.
Virtual meeting management example >>
The Volunteer Leadership Development Program is considered a scalable, comprehensive, customizable development programmed to equip between early to mid-career professionals with the leadership skills and confidence needed to succeed in their volunteer leadership roles. Nourse Leadership has the experience necessary to adapt this program to fit your association members' unique needs.

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Program Components

Our experience has shown that the best leadership training programs use various learning strategies and tools for their success in the workplace. For this purpose, the V-LDP consists of several key elements, including but not limited to:
Initial instructor-led workshop
MHS EQ-i® emotional intelligence self-assessment
Professional development planning
Customized webinar training modules and supporting materials
Final graduation webinar
Individual leadership project
Self-managed learning teams
Personal reflection journal
We can readjust or eliminate any of these elements based on the unique needs of your members. Click here to review a sample participant guide for the LDP program.

Recent Engagements

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Conducted a needs assessment, designed, and facilitated a ten-month leadership academy; the program includes self-assessment, seven webinars, kickoff workshop, a workshop on diversity and inclusion, leadership project, self-facilitated learning teams.
America’s Essential Hospitals: Designed and facilitated a virtual three-day leadership program for a Fellows program which included self-assessment, leadership project, and learning teams.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Designed and facilitated a year-long leadership development program for 60 members; the program includes nine webinars, a kickoff workshop, self-assessment, a leadership project, and virtual graduation.
Child Life Council: Designed and facilitated a year-long leadership development program for 25 members; the program included seven webinars, a kickoff workshop, self-assessment, a leadership project, and virtual graduation.
California Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Designed and facilitated a nine-month leadership development program for 20 members; the program included seven webinars, kickoff workshop, self-assessment, and a leadership project.
The LDP program has contributed positively to my work and life activities. I often find myself referencing several pieces of knowledge and skills I acquire from the Emotional Intelligence test, both internally and externally, with my colleagues. The LDP program has provided the confidence I need to take on other leadership roles and projects in my state and school. Overall, it has changed my mentalities on the profession and made me realize the immense opportunities for us to motivate and impact the next generation of leaders by the effort we pour into their lives.

-- LDP Participant
The impact of our LDP in terms of filling our leadership pipeline is amazing … 12 members of our Advisory Councils are LDP graduates. On top of that, of all the nominees up for 2018 election, 9 are LDP grads, and in 2 states, there are 2 LDP grads running against each.

-- Governance Manager

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