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Team Coaching in San Bernardino

Kevin Nourse, PhD
October 25, 2023
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As a senior executive or leader, you likely know that building a high-functioning team is critical to organizational success. Yet, despite assembling strong teams, companies often need to achieve their desired outcomes. A skilled team coach can help your team identify and tackle obstacles, maximize potential, and drive your team toward its goals. In this blog, we explore six ways we deliver team coaching in San Bernardino: (1) Building trust, (2) Deepening Awareness, (3) Enhancing Accountability, (4) Facilitating communication, (5) Resolving and preventing conflict, and (6) Setting clear goals and objectives.

Building Trust

Trust is essential for effective teamwork and when established, leads to greater alignment and commitment to goals. We work on building trust among team members by creating a safe space for sharing, respecting confidentiality, and promoting mutual respect.

Deepening Awareness

As team coaches, we provide regular feedback and assessments to help teams identify their strengths and areas for improvement. We may use tools like surveys or assessments to gather data on team performance. In addition, we often help the team formulate their model of high performance to use as a basis for tracking progress.

Enhancing Accountability

Accountability is an essential element of high-performance teams – vertical (team members to the team leader) and horizontal (team members to each other). We partner with leaders to design accountability strategies for team members, such as creating ground rules and role expectations.

Facilitating Communication

We help teams improve communication by fostering open and honest dialogue. With improved communication, team members can express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, creating a more inclusive and collaborative environment. This environment creates deeper trust, enabling team members to express their ideas and concerns.

Resolving and Preventing Conflict

Team coaches are skilled at identifying and addressing conflicts within the team. They can mediate disputes, help team members find common ground and solutions, and engage the team to learn from and prevent future conflict.

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

We help teams to define clear goals and objectives, an essential element of creating organizational results. With clear and aligned goals, team members understand their roles and responsibilities. Clear and aligned goals have a tremendous impact on reducing unproductive conflict.

Nearly every organization taps team-based environments to accomplish its strategic priorities in today's business environment. Creating an effective team requires time, effort, and various other resources that will be time-wasting if the team needs the proper guidance and support. Employing the services of an experienced team coach can make all the difference in helping your team perform and thrive. 

If you're a senior executive or leader are interested in exploring team coaching in San Bernardino, contact us at 442-420-5578 or kevin@nourseleadership.com, and let's explore how we can support you.

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Dr. Kevin Nourse is an executive transition coach helping newly hired or promoted executives thrive. He founded Nourse Leadership Strategies, an executive and team coaching firm based in Southern California.

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