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Executive Coaching

At Nourse Leadership, we believe that executive coaching is a powerful way to enhance the performance, resilience, and growth of organizational leaders at all levels.

Executive Coaching

At Nourse Leadership, we believe that executive coaching is a powerful way to enhance the performance, resilience, and growth of organizational leaders at all levels. We challenge our leadership clients' using research-based methods and tools to give their abilities the right transformation through our executive coaching program. Our clients discover untapped wisdom and insight through executive coaching that can produce considerable shifts in their awareness. We offer three specialized services customized to our clients' individual needs: Assessment and Development planning, Developmental Coaching, and Transition coaching. 

To achieve an organization's objectives, leaders must evolve to thrive in today's New Normal, accompanied by complexity and uncertainty - letting go of outdated leadership practices and embracing new skills and capabilities. Our three Executive Coaching services will offer an unmatched value to our clients, result in transformative shifts in their behavior, mindset, and beliefs about the realities of being a resilient leader. Ultimately, our goal is to create tremendous value embodied in leaders who build the skills to coach themselves as they continue to experience future challenges. And provide them with skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance their value to the organization.

The foundation of our coaching engagements is confidentiality, trust, action-oriented conversations, and accountability. While we actively support our coaching clients, we also challenge them to experiment with new behavior. By taking action, our clients deepen their awareness and learning.

Assessment & Development Planning

Nourse Leadership can help your leaders and managers prepare for their growth journey through our assessment and development planning services. The journey begins by evaluating their leadership abilities to clarify the best way to enhance their performance and develop a strategic action plan to enhance their performance and prepare them for future positions.
How We Help Our Clients
To better understand and achieve powerful outcomes, we begin an assessment engagement by meeting with a coaching client to gain insight on their career history, core values, successes, learning style, business challenges, and career aspirations. Secondly, our coaches interview each selected team members and other stakeholders to assess a leader's strengths and weaknesses. This initial session may also include the exploration of a robust psychometric assessment. We then create a custom feedback report summarizing critical themes associated with strengths, weaknesses, and potential development goals. These goals usually focus on strengths to better leverage or deficiencies to address. Fourth, the coach will meet with the client to debrief the findings and jointly create a development plan. The assessment process concludes with a meeting between the leader and his or her direct report manager to discuss the feedback, ensure alignment on success outcomes, and define the final steps.
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Developmental Coaching

Nourse Leadership provides developmental coaching services that lead to significant improvements in how your leaders function in their current roles and prepare for future promotions. Developmental coaching is a part of the executive coaching service that is best suited for any leader who functions well in their current role but needs to improve their impact or prepare for a promotion in their organization. It usually follows an assessment and development planning engagement and is programmed to execute a development plan.
How We Help Our Clients
Developmental coaching typically meets with their leader client for two coaching sessions per month, either in person or virtually (Zoom), lasting approximately 60-90 minutes. We only focus on each session based on the plan that our clients prepare. Examples of the kinds of issues explored in a coaching session include:
Practicing the delivery of harsh feedback to a subordinate
Reflecting on strategies for enhancing time management
Getting ready for a challenging meeting with senior leaders
Celebrating and reflecting on past success
Unraveling a conflict with a boss
Developing a plan for building support on a change project
Our developmental coaching session ends with the coach inviting the client to summarize their commitments and targeted actions to complete.
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Recent Coaching Engagements

Community Development Financial Institution: Conducted a 360-degree assessment, goal setting, and on-going coaching for a Chief Executive Officer.
Fortune 100 Energy Company: Coaching a high-potential future executive on several competencies, including strategic visioning and team development.
Financial Services: Coached a Chief Financial Officer to manage his direct reports' performance and build solid influence relationships with his mates on the senior management team.
Healthcare Organization: Coached a new Chief Medical Officer to help him successfully integrate into his role and advance the implementation of an electronic health records system.
Healthcare Organization: Coached a Chief Financial Officer interested in enhancing his strategic thinking and communication capabilities.
Pharmaceutical Organization: Conducted a 360-degree assessment, goal setting, an on-going coaching for a business development leader.

Current & Former Client Organizations

American Association of Port Authorities
American Society for Engineering Education
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Food and Drug Administration
HMS Host
Housing Partnership Network
NIH / National Cancer Institute
Port of Los Angeles
Prime Therapeutics
Sage Payment Solutions
Securities and Exchange Commission
Southern California Edison
T Rowe Price
Whitman Walker Clinic
Kevin worked together with me for approximately one year. During that time, he helped me achieve the goals we set at the start of my coaching process and develop new goals, which further added to my knowledge and skill set. I find Kevin to be knowledgeable and thoughtful. His self-deprecating manner and a good sense of humor made it easy for me to build a trusting relationship.

Kevin spent the time to understand my personality and the organizational dynamic where I worked. Given my nature (introvert), this was important as he could tailor my coaching experience and never tried to force me to change my fundamental personality. Instead, he gave me different ways to achieve my goals, given my fundamental personality type. Kevin is very accessible and responsive to find answers to any questions I asked outside of our planned sessions.

What I found to be most advantageous during my coaching experience with kelvin was that he could present the theory behind an approach and concrete actions to accomplish my goals. During our meetings, he was able to under my thought process and then break it down and provide guidance on approaching the problem from a different perspective or using different tools. This approach resonated with my analytical and process-oriented thinking style.

Transition Coaching

At Nourse Leadership, we believe that organizations could substantially reduce the cost of executive turnover if they help new leaders successful integrate into their roles. Most organizations make significant financial investments in recruiting new leaders with hopes of advancing new change initiatives that need a fresh perspective. Because they are new, it can take weeks and months for these leaders to become productive. In many cases, these new leaders derail and are asked to leave their new position - costly for both the organization and the new leader. One of the prime reasons new leaders derail is a lack of understanding of a culture that limits their ability to integrate with it.

Transition coaching helps new leaders successfully and quickly integrate into a new role, environment, and culture. Our clients have reported they are more confident in building relationships with key stakeholders. As a result, they can produce great results sooner and reduce resistance to their ideas by honoring and navigating essentials organizational cultural norms.
How We Help Our Clients
In a typical transition coaching engagement, the coach will partner with the client to assess their past experiences, strengths, weaknesses, learning style, goals, and leadership style. Next, the coach will then interview key stakeholders to explore the new leader's expectations. These historical or contextual issues may impact their work, cultural norms, and successful outcomes for the first 90 days on the job. Once the coach prepares a transition assessment report, they will debrief the insights with the client. The coach will then conduct two sessions per month lasting 60-90 minutes each over the next six months to help the new leader successfully integrate into their role and achieve successful outcomes.
Click here for a case study illustrating how we coached a newly promoted CEO
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